Group Supervision: Exposure Therapy

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Exposure Therapy

Facing your fears robs them of their power.

Exposure Therapy is one of the most important behavioural techniques for the treatment of anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder. It is based on the assumption that anxiety is maintained by avoidance of the feared stimulus. The essence of exposure is for clients to come deliberately into contact with the cues that evoke their anxiety, and to remain in contact with those cues until their brain and nervous system naturally settle (habituation) in response to the feared catastrophe not happening.

This group supervision session reviews and discusses the different types of exposure – in vivo, imaginal and interoceptive and the varied methods of delivery. Example cases with different disorders and the application of exposure is presented.

The group is invited to discuss clinical considerations, contraindicators to, and problems that can arise in exposure therapy. Supervisees will be invited to present cases, discuss difficulties common when providing exposure treatment, or ask specific questions.

Group supervision offers supervisees the opportunity to work with a small group of other (provisional) psychologists, share experiences, and learn from others whilst having a topic focus and being supported and lead by a Board Approved Supervisor.


Supervisor: Nicola Mitchell
Schedule During Daylight Savings:
Mondays 2.00pm QLD/ 3.00pm NSW/VIC/TAS,12.00pm WA, 2.30pm SA, 1.30pm NT
Schedule Outside Daylight Savings:
Mondays 2.00pm QLD/NSW/VIC/TAS, 12.00pm WA, 1.30pm SA/ NT
Frequency: Every 4 weeks
Suitable for Reattendance: Yes

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