About Us

Welcome to the Provisional Psychologist Hub, where our unwavering passion lies in nurturing the growth of aspiring psychologists. Our mission is to empower provisional psychologists, enabling them to not only fulfill the rigorous standards set forth by the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) but also to pave their path towards achieving full registration.

At the Provisional Psychologist Hub, our commitment is to create a nurturing and inclusive environment. We strive to eliminate the obstacles associated with securing supervision, accessing relevant professional development opportunities, and obtaining psychometric assessments, so that every provisional psychologist can thrive and excel in their journey.

What is Provisional Psychologist Hub? 

Designed by Psychologists for Psychologists, the Provisional Psychologist Hub is a place where Provisional Psychologists can access the support they need on their journey to registration. Our mission is to make supervision, professional development, support and guidance accessible and affordable when it's needed, for all those who need it. 


What is Psychologist Hub? 

Psychologist Hub (est. 2022) was established to support the growing need for psychologists to seek support to meet their continuing professional development requirements. Supervisees successfully reaching their general registration can continue to receive support throughout their early career and beyond with Psychologist Hub. 


What is Psychology Supervisor Hub? 

Psychology Supervisor Hub (est. 2022) was established to support the growing number of Board Approved Supervisors seeking guidance and support in managing their caseload of principal supervisees. We provide supervisision for supervisors as well as access to a range of support for supervisees that will lighten the burden on principal supervisors. 



Provisional Psychologists


Employers and

Our Mission and Values

Provisional Psychologist Hub provides structure, support and guidance to supervisees to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in professional and ethical practice. We see our service play an integral role in the workforce development of clinically skilled provisional psychologists. Our mission is to provide professional development and supervision that will elevate the quality assurance of mental health and evidence based psychological services nationally.

Innovative Practice

The ongoing motivation to do better, be better and innovate drives progress. 

Professional Integrity

Professional integrity in ones self breeds integrity in those around you. 


Aspire to be your best self and that self will inspire others to do the same. 

People Focused

Our people and the people we inform, inform the next generation of our service.

Ethical Practice 

The most challenging solutions come from our ethically focused approach to practice. 


Credit for the wins, responsibility for the mistakes. Accountability for ourselves and the actions we take.

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Our Founders

Provisional Psychologist Hub was founded by Leza Sullivan and Susie Upton in 2018. Having both completed the 4+2 program themselves they understand how challenging it can be to obtain valuable experience and how anxiety-provoking it can be early on in your career. 

Leza Sullivan has had a diverse career working therapeutically with clients across the lifespan. Leza has held positions within a private paediatric practice conducting diagnostic assessments within a trauma focused organisation, in rehabilitation, as a school counsellor, and has held many senior management positions including National Operations Manager.

Susie Upton has had many invaluable experiences working alongside the child protection system, working with young people affected by trauma and experiencing substance abuse. Susie has practiced within the private, public and the non-for-profit sectors before undertaking roles in Practice Management and Direction overseeing counsellors, social workers, provisional psychologists and psychologists.

Both Susie Upton and Leza Sullivan opened Provisional Psychologist Hub in 2018. They continue to remain hands on as Directors, Board Approved Supervisors and Professional Development Facilitators to help guide and support the next generation of mental health professionals.

Our Support Team

Provisional Psychologist Hub provide support to thousands of people undertaking a pathway in psychological practice. It takes a unique team to be able to provide this support and guidance to ensure that everyone takes their best next step. 

Erin is the Provisional Psychologist Hub General Manager of Operations. 

You will see Erin on workshops discussing registration pathways, and how best to utilise the range of services we have available. Erin oversees our operations and product development, essentially responsible for what we do and how we do it. 

Erin's career spans a range of industries including but not limited to Allied Health, Event Management, Business Administration, Tertiary Education and Emergency Services. She has held senior roles leading and managing national and multi national teams and organisations. Her background in training facilitation allows her to provide context and transparency for a range of pathways to registration in psychology.

Having worked alongside psychologists and supervisors, she provides a unique perspective to students in helping them achieve their goals.

Emma is the Provisional Psychologist Hub Marketing and Business Development Officer.

Emma provides positive support and information to provisional psychologists from point of enquiry through to commencement of services. Emma is our social media guru and assists with all marketing of Provisional Psychologist Hub. She not only liaises with students, but businesses alike to collaborate with them and fulfill their needs whether it be Professional development or employee supervision.

Emma is currently studying psychology, therefore is understanding of the challenges that can come with being a student and navigating the work study life balance. Having a vast career background of health, training and assessment, management, marketing and business development we believe Emma is a wealth of knowledge and ready to help you whereever she can.

Brittany is the Provisional Psychologist Hub Administration and Customer Support Officer. She is key in providing a seamless experience to all our members and supervisees. Her dedication and positive attitude are what promotes such a wonderful experience for our clients as they undertake the range of products and services required for their pathway. 

Brittany joins Provisional Psychologist Hub with a diverse background in Early Childhood Education, Real Estate, Event Management and over 16 years’ experience in customer support and office management. She holds a Bachelor of Business and a Diploma of Events Management and while Brittany continues to work as a successful Event Manager running her own business, we are grateful to have such an experienced operator overseeing our day to day scheduling and operations to ensure supervisees always have access to supervision  when they need it.  

Jess is the Provisional Psychologist Hub Administration and Customer Support Officer.

With a recent graduation as a dietitian, Jess understands firsthand the multitude of stresses and challenges that accompany the transition into the professional world. She is well-acquainted with the intricacies of internships, mentoring, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance, having embarked on her own provisional program.

Her previous endeavors in customer support and management have honed her interpersonal skills, enabling her to create a positive and welcoming environment for clients. Dedicated to delivering a high standard of service, Jess constantly strives to ensure that every interaction is characterized by warmth, friendliness, and attentiveness.