About the Provisional Psychologist Hub

The Provisional Psychologist Hub was founded by Leza Sullivan and Susie Upton in 2018. Having both completed the 4+2 program themselves they understand how challenging it can be to obtain valuable experience and how anxiety provoking it can be in your early career. The Provisional Psychologist Hub has grown to a team of highly experienced Board Approved Supervisors that offer our supervisees a wealth of knoweldge and experience to drawn upon. 

At Provisional Psychologist Hub we are passionate about developing provisional psychologists skills, knowledge and confidence to allow them to meet the requirements of the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) and ultimately obtain full registration. The Provisional Psychologist Hub aims to provide a supportive environment, minimising the barriers of finding supervision, suitable professional development and access to psychometric assessments. 

The Provisional Psychologist Hub provides all inclusive memberships to ensure provisional psychologists meet the minimum PsychBA requirements of professional development and supervision. We are able to guide you from the beginning steps of writing your Internship Program Plan for the PsyBA all the way through your internship to Assessment of Competence for your application for general registration.

Depending on your needs we also  provide short-term access to supervision or professional development. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you wish to discuss further. We look forward to assisting you to reach your goal of becoming a psychologist! 


Our Supervisors

Meet our team

Leza Sullivan 
B.A Psych Hons MAPS
Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor

Co-Founder and Practice Owner

Leza is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Leza has over 14 years of experience working with children, adolescents, parents, families and adults across the private, non profit and government sectors. Leza is also a Board Approved Supervisor and has extensive experience supervising provisional psychologists, registered psychologists, other health professionals (support workers, social workers) and large teams.

Leza commenced her career in 2004 working as a provisional psychologist under the 4+2 program. Her first role was for a non-profit organisation where she was tasked with the entire set up and operation of a community counselling service. This job, which was the steepest learning curve in her career set her up to go onto manage large teams and eventually co-own a large group practice in Brisbane that has over 30 team members across 3 locations. Leza has had a varied career working therapeutically with clients across the lifespan and has held positions within a private paediatric practice conducting diagnostic assessments, within a trauma focused organisation, in work rehabilitation, as a school counsellor, and has held many senior management positions including National Operations Manager before opening Child Aware in 2013.

Leza is passionate about ethical and evidence based practice but equally about supporting those in the early stages of their careers to feel supported whilst learning the skills, and knowledge to become fully registered psychologist. Leza recalls her own experience of being a provisional psychologist to ensure that adequate support and guidance is provided. Leza has a special interest in trauma informed treatment and psychometric assessment, including for the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Learning Disorder, Intellectual Disability and other difficulties affecting children.

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Susie Upton

B.Psych (Hons), MAPS

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor

Co-Founder and Practice Owner

Susie Upton is a generally registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. A graduate from Griffith University holding a Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours, Susie chose to undertake the 4+2 pathway to achieve general registration. Susie’s motivation and passion lead her to undertake 2 years of supervised psychological practice developing competence and confidence working with children, young people, parents, adults and families.

Commencing her psychology career in a vocational rehabilitation role Susie learnt the importance of time management and communication skills when working with adults experiencing a mental illness. Following this, Susie challenged herself working with homeless young parents and their children in inner Brisbane. She had many invaluable experiences in rapport building, working alongside the child protection system, working with young people affect by trauma and experiencing substance abuse. During this role Susie leant the importance of boundaries, teamwork and supportive supervision. Throughout her career Susie has practiced within the private and non-for-profit sectors first undertaking private practice in 2010 - 2012 specialising in children and adolescent counselling intervention. In 2012, a move back into the non-for-profit sector enabled Susie to work specifically with children, adolescents and adults affected by child sexual assault. As a Practice Supervisor and then Manager of south-east Queensland therapeutic services her role was to oversee and supervise counsellors, social workers, provisional psychologists and psychologists within 3 counselling services.

Susie’s passion has been to provide counselling intervention and training services within the child mental health sector as well as provide a bridge between the public and private sectors. In 2013 Susie co-founded Child Aware, a counselling and psychology service working with children, adolescents, parents and families.  Susie, now the Clinical and Operations Manager of Child Aware, oversees the Brisbane based counselling service, which has 2 office locations and provides psychology services to over 160 clients each week.

Awards and Recognition

  • In 2017, Child Aware was named as a finalist in the Queensland Mental Health Achievement Awards.  
  • In 2016, Susie was named by Griffith University as an Outstanding School of Psychology Alumni for her contribution in the field of psychology.
  • In 2015, Susie Upton was named Queensland Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year 
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Vanessa Allen

B. Behav. Sc (Hons Psych), MAPS

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor

Vanessa is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and is a Board Approved Supervisor. Vanessa is a General Psychologist with over 10 year’s experience, working with children, adults, couples and families in a range of areas; including anxiety, depression, crisis/trauma, cancer care, confidence/self-esteem and adjustment difficulties, to assist with improving health and wellbeing. Vanessa assists parents with developing their parenting skills, including support with the management of social and behavioural difficulties with their children, family counselling and relationship counselling. Vanessa also has a background in working with veterans, long term unemployed and disability, employee assistance programs and work rehabilitation. Vanessa also enjoys providing supervision and development opportunities for psychologists, and manages provisional psychologists spanning the entire Country, to gain full registration.

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Fanoula Tsakrios

B.PsychSc (Hons), Assoc. MAPS

Senior Psychologist - Contractor

Board Approved Supervisor 

Fanoula is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, an associate member of the Australian Psychological Society. Fanoula is experienced in using evidence based interventions to assist children, adolescents, families, parents and adults in overcoming their challenges and supporting them in reaching their potential. Fanoula works with a range of presentations, including but not limited to anxiety, depression, behavioural issues, trauma, social difficulties, self-esteem and eating difficulties. Fanoula has extensive experience with working with developmental disorders, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Fanoula is trained in Family Based Therapy for Eating Disorders which has the strongest evidence based support for it's efficacy in recovery from eating disorders. Fanoula has a special interest in the fields of child and adolescent mental health, eating disorders and is passionate about training new professionals.

Fanoula is also a Board Approved Supervisor, and provides regular supervision to provisional psychologists and peer supervision to registered psychologists. Fanoula also facilitates group programs at Child Aware as well as facilitating training workshops to professionals. 

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Jasmin Singh

B.Psych (Hons), MAppPsych

Counselling Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor 

Jasmin is an endorsed Counselling Psychologist registered with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has over five years experience providing psychological intervention to children, adolescents, families, and adults.

Jasmin is passionate about providing early intervention to children and young people, and believes that therapy works best when grounded by a sense of safety with a focus on the needs of the client. She has a special interest in trauma-focused therapy, neuropsychotherapy and expressive therapies. Jasmin presented her post-graduate research on the neuroscience behind detecting emotional disturbance in children’s drawings at the International Congress of Applied Psychology. This research was published in the International Journal of Neuropsychotherapy.

Jasmin is also a Board Approved supervisor and is passionate about supporting early career psychologists to reach their full potential. 

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Lauren Hobbs

Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor 

Lauren is an endorsed Clinical Psychologist registered with the Psychology Board of Australia, a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, and a Board Approved Supervisor. With over 8 years experience, Lauren achieved full registration in 2013 and clinical endorsement in 2016. Lauren is also a certified practitioner of Clinical EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and a member of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Lauren has a wide range of experience in a variety of roles that have included teaching, training, assessment, case management, clinical therapy, and advocacy. These roles have included worker’s compensation and vocational rehabilitation, adult mental health,  trauma and post traumatic stress disorder, sexual assault, child psychology, disability, weight management and chronic disease. Lauren’s passion lies in the overlap between traumatic stress issues and health psychology, and the factors involved in helping children and adults live their most successful life. As a result, Lauren currently works with individuals to assist with symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and trauma, family of origin/childhood trauma issues, chronic health or disability, family distress, workplace stress, and health behaviour change. Lauren utilises an eclectic blend of cognitive therapies and body based strategies to assist her clients to achieve positive outcomes.

 Lauren was very lucky to receive a variety of great supervision during her training across all environments (university, workplaces, private practitioners) and as a result models the same support  and guidance. Recently returned from Maternity Leave, Lauren currently works in Private Practice and provides supervision through the Provisional Psychologist Hub.

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Serena Lee 

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor 

Serena is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society. Serena has experience working with children, adolescents, and families across the community and private sectors with a wide range of presentations. She is passionate about providing evidence-based intervention and a holistic, empathic and caring service for her clients.
Serena is also multilingual and able to provide counselling in English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Some evidence-based treatment approaches Serena uses include play therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy and positive psychology. She uses a collaborative (with family and school where needed), client-centred approach to tailor treatment to individual needs. As part of her role as a Psychologist at Child Aware Psychology (contractor), Serena also provides psychological assessments for clients including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder and Learning Disorder.
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Tanya Nasr

B.Psych (Hons)

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor

Tanya Nasr is a generally registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. Tanya has almost eight years working with physically and psychologically injured workers full time and almost five years working with school aged children and adolescents on a part time basis (one on one interventions, behavioural management support and group based counselling). Tanya’s passion lies in working with childhood and adult trauma.

During her work in the rehabilitation space, Tanya has assisted a variety of clients including; Police officers, Australian Defence Force staff members, hospital officers, ambulance workers, educators, blue collar workers and white-collar workers suffering from a variety of physical and psychological workplace injuries. She has provided these clients with counselling and coaching with a focus on Adjustment to injury counselling, vocational counselling and Health Coaching (within a CBT and ACT framework), providing clients with the practical skills and techniques to challenge their thinking styles, positively impact their recovery and approach to daily functioning. Tanya has also works with various organisations to development and deliver spoke mental health workshops.

Tanya currently consults and volunteers with Youth Insearch Foundation who run Therapeutic programs across Australia for adolescence between 14 and 20 years old in a group based setting for those that are impacted by; poverty, broken/dysfunctional homes, domestic violence, sexual, physical/emotional abuse, death, grief and other traumatic events. Through Youth Insearch, Tanya co-established and facilitates a weekly support group for young people in Castle Hill, NSW.

Tanya currently also works in a private practise on a part-time basis working with children and adolescence through the NDIS.

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Dr Katie Veretennikoff
B.A. Psych Sci (Hons)
D. Psych (Clinical Neuropsychology and Clinical Psychology)
Board Approved Supervisor

Katie is a registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia, and endorsed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist. Katie is experienced in neuropsychological assessment for a range of presentations, including neurodevelopmental, psychiatric, neurological, and neurodegenerative. She also has clinical experience with varied presentations across the lifespan, such as anxiety, depression, autism spectrum disorder, parenting, dementia, palliative care, and chronic pain. Katie has been fortunate to work across a number of settings, including correctional centres, hospitals, outpatient, and private practice. She is passionate about the diagnostic power of neuropsychological assessment, and empowering her patients to live well. 

Katie is also a Board Approved supervisor and has experience facilitating training. She is currently working within a hospital setting in neuropsychology and clinical psychology, providing services to patients with complex conditions, such as dementia, and stroke, and patients at the end of life. 

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Dr Storm Cory

Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Dr Storm Cory is a clinical and forensic psychologist. Storm has completed a Doctor of Psychology (Clinical) and a Masters of Forensic Psychology. Storm is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA).

Storm has experience within both the public and private sectors in a range of settings including hospitals and acute mental health, community mental health, corrective services, and adolescent forensic mental health. As a clinical psychologist, Storm works with clients presenting with a range of concerns, including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, interpersonal difficulties and emotional regulation, substance abuse, and gambling. Storm also has a specialist interest in working with veterans and their families through her role as a contractor with Open Arms Veterans and Families Counselling.

In the forensic field, Storm has experience in the assessment, treatment and management of general, violent and sexual offenders. She can provide pre-sentence, parole, and risk management reports as well as child protection, youth justice or family court reports.

Storm works with both adolescent and adult clients and utilises treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and Schema Therapy.


Storm is a Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia. Storm has experience providing supervision for provisional psychologists, psychologists completing their registrar program, or other psychologists or mental health professionals seeking supervision as part of their professional development.

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Kate Scarpato 

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor 

Kate is a registered psychologist and board-approved supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia, as well as a full Member of the Australian Psychological Society. With over 11 years experience across both not-for-profit and government sectors, Kate is highly experienced in counselling and case management with children, adolescents, parents, foster carers, and families.

Holding a Vocational Graduate Certificate in Developmental Trauma, Kate specialises in supporting clients impacted by trauma and attachment issues from experiences of abuse and neglect. She has extensive experience providing counselling and case management with such clients, and working systemically with the child protection system and a broad range of stakeholders including schools, support workers, and other health professionals to provide holistic therapeutic support for her clients. Kate also has a depth of experience supporting clients with complex presentations, experiencing a range of psychosocial difficulties compounding their mental health and wellbeing difficulties.  

Throughout her career, Kate has also worked extensively providing counselling and psychoeducation with children, young people, and their parents or carers to address a broader range of issues including anxiety, depression, challenging behaviours, self esteem, sexualised behaviours, bullying, school difficulties, relationship issues, family conflict and family breakdown.

Kate utilizes a range of therapeutic approaches in her own work including CBT, narrative therapy, play therapy, solution-focused therapy, and family systems approaches, as well as providing psychoeducation for parents, carers, and other stakeholders. .

Kate is passionate about supporting children and families to improve their futures, as well as supporting fellow psychologists, particularly those early in their careers, with opportunities for learning and reflection and building their skills to maximise their potential as a psychologist.   Kate is a strong advocate for self-care for her supervisees and colleagues.

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Jenny Sztaroszta

B.Sci (Psych), B.Sci (Hons), MPsych (Clinical)

Clinical Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor

Jenny has over twelve years’ experience in practicing therapy with adolescents, adults and older populations. She has experience working with people who have psychological conditions related to health conditions, dealing with unemployment, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship issues, trauma and adjustment. Jenny has also worked in university and school settings as a counsellor. Jenny is also experienced in psychometric assessments and often conducts testing in relation to NDIS and school support.

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Eva Fritz

B Arts, Post Grad Dip Ed Studies (Psych ), MEdPsych; GCPH, MAPS

Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor 


Eva Fritz is a generally registered Psychologist and Board Approved Supervisor with the Psychology Board of Australia and a member of the Australian Psychological Society. Eva has seventeen years of experience spanning a variety of roles including therapy, supervision, training, academic, and management. These roles have included university student counsellor, manager of wellness, university lecturer and course co-ordinator, primary and high school guidance counsellor, private practitioner and training facilitator. Eva has provided supervision to both teams of psychologists and social workers whilst in the roles of Manager and Education Officer, as well as for provisional psychologists during their placement at universities, headspace, and primary and high schools. Eva has publications in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health, the Queensland Journal of Educational Research, and with Disability Services Queensland. She is also a Level 1 certified yoga teacher.

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Jaya Kudhail

Jaya is a registered psychologist and Board approved supervisor. Born in the UK, she came to Australia after having completed her degree in Sports Psychology. She went on to gain her registration through the 4 + 2 pathway and also completed a Masters in Forensic Mental Health.

Jaya has worked in the welfare sector with over a decade of experience working as a psychologist. She currently works as a psychologist within Corrections specialising in drug and alcohol treatment for male offenders and is part of a program that builds strong therapeutic alliances and works therapeutically with men who offend and have drug and alcohol issues to aid them to re-integrate successfully back into the community. She has developed a passion for group therapy and runs groups that target drug and alcohol issues as well as offending behaviour using evidence based treatment approaches including CBT and DBT. Jaya uses a person-centred approach in all the work she does. She has also worked in other settings in the public sector as well as the non-government sector and also has some experience in private practice. She has worked with young people, children and families and also has extensive experience in the disability sector. Jaya understands the importance of supervision within the mental health profession and feels it is time to give back professionally and be a part of shaping psychologists in training and as well as expanding on her supervision skills particularly using reflective practices to develop intern psychologists to become psychologists within their own rights. She has experience in a Senior Psychologist role working with intern psychologists in various capacities.

In her spare time, she also provides free counselling sessions once a month to people at her local temple to try and break barriers around accessing mental health services and also to provide services to those who do not have access to psychology services.

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