Finding Employment 

At Provisional Psychologist Hub we are excited to help you prepare for your pathway to general registration. While we don't offer employment placements directly through Provisional Psychologist Hub we do provide you the clarity and support to navigate your pathway to finding the right role to get started.

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Steps to Success

Follow the steps to obtain your first role as a provisional psychologist.

Step 1
Review the Guidelines

Employers will want to see that you are knowledgeable in and understand your obligations under the internship. Be sure to review the guidelines that are relevant toyour pathway.

Guidelines and Policies (AHPRA)

Step 2
Overseas Qualified Only

If you have completed your qualifications overseas then you can apply for Provisional Registration prior to commencing your job search. Take the time to review information for overseas qualified applicants. 

Overseas Applicants (AHPRA)

Step 3
Professional Development

We offer a 5 part professional development program to guide and prepare aspiring provisional psychologists. Pathways to registration, application and interview preparation and psychological practice.

More Information

Step 4
Start Your Search

Now that you are prepared its time to start your search. There are many places you can search for roles starting with your own networks. We have included some recommended search tools for you. 

Search Tools

Step 5
Secure Your Work Role

Congratulations on finding a role! We recommend finalising your agreement with your employer along with your position description. If your employer needs support share our 'Employer Support' page. 

Employer Support

Step 6
Arrange Supervision

Before applying  for your internship you will need to have a principal supervisor and one or more secondary supervisors. Join ours and others' waitlists and while you wait move to the next step. 

More Information

Step 7
Apply to PsyBA

Get started on your application while you wait to receive a confirmed supervision arrangement. We will provide you the steps and support you need to complete and submit your application to PsyBA swiftly. 

Purchase Application Support

Step 8
Prepare to Commence

Once you have submitted your application to PsyBA use this time wisely and get started on your professional development so that you feel more confident and have the knowledge you need, when you are ready to commence. 

More Information

Start Your Search

There are many places you can search for roles in psychological practice starting with your own networks. We have included some recommended search tools for you. 

• Rehabilitation Consultant • Provisional Psychologist • Guidance Officer
• Counsellor • Behaviour Support Practitioner • Mental Health Clinician
• Therapist • EAP


Welcome and build up your professional community online and find open jobs and internships. 



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On SEEK you can setup a complete profile to increase the chance of employers contacting you.



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Career Coaching

Provisional Psychologist Hub offer career coaching delivered by Board Approved Supervisors highly experienced in organisational psychology. These sessions are open to anyone looking for career coaching in the area of psychology.  Whether you are studying at university, looking for work, provisionally registered or fully registered these sessions are open to you. Any sessions you complete with our career coaches can be logged as part of your board approved supervision hours if you are completing an internship pathway,  be sure to keep your principal supervisor informed.

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