Career Coaching

Provisional Psychologist Hub offers career coaching delivered by Board Approved Supervisors highly experienced in organisational psychology. These sessions are open to anyone looking for career coaching in the area of psychology. Whether you are studying at university, looking for work, provisionally registered or fully registered, these sessions are open to you. Any sessions you complete with our career coaches can be logged as part of your board approved supervision hours if you are completing an internship pathway. Be sure to keep your principal supervisor informed.

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Career Coaches

Book Supervision with a Board Approved Supervisor experienced in organisational psychology who can coach you in your career. 

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Sharon Sweeney

(Independent Contractor)
Sharon is an experienced business psychologist, supervisor, facilitator and coach who has worked in an organisational psychology setting for over 20 years. After attaining a Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology at Griffith University, Sharon attained her registration via the 4+2 pathway and is passionate about developing professional, well rounded and capable psychologists. Sharon assists individuals, teams and organisations to improve their engagement and performance, utilising a range of psychometric and diagnostic tools and surveys to raise insight and enable people and businesses to thrive.

Shermonika Walker

(Independent Contractor)
Shermonika is a general Psychologist with a Master of Organisational Psychology. She has worked across the employee lifecycle and specialises in large-scale organisational change programs, leadership and organisational development. She has 10+ years’ experience partnering with organisations to deliver interventions designed to improve productivity and performance, create a better workplace experience for employees, and deliver tangible business results.

Group Supervision

Both Shermonika Walker and Sharon Sweeney run regular group supervision on a range of topics centered around career growth, organizational psychology and professional development. 

  • Planning and setting yourself up for success 
  • Models of Leadership and the skills required to excel in your career 
  • Group Building thriving teams: The basics of team performance, how to build trust and manage conflict as a team member or leader 
  • Group Workplace Stress: Models of occupational strain and tactics for managing workplace stress
  • Workplace Stress: Models of occupational strain and tactics for managing workplace stress 
  • Reflective Practice: Improving communication and engagement 
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Professional Development


Provisional Psychologist Hub has developed a workshop series specifically for Aspiring Provisional Psychologists. Designed to explain and breakdown the differing pathways to registration including the internship, overseas qualified and Postgraduate Professional Psychological Qualification Pathway. Board Approved Supervisors Sharon Sweeney and Susie Upton will navigate you through searching, applying for and interviewing for psychological practice roles to help you put your best foot forward and land your first role armed with the knowledge and confidence you need. 

If you are already a Provisional Psychologist you will gain knowledge in building a professional resume, online profile and how best to prepare for interviews when you start to approach general registration because we include it in our Professional Development for Provisional Psychologists subscription. 

Aspiring Provisional Psychologists
Provisional Psychologists

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