Career Coaching

At Provisional Psychologist Hub, we've got you covered when it comes to career coaching in psychology! We have a seasoned Board Approved Supervisor with tons of experience in organizational psychology ready to help you out. And guess what? These coaching sessions aren't exclusive – whether you're a university student, job hunting, provisionally registered, or fully registered, they're open to you. Plus, if you're doing an internship, you can count these sessions toward your board approved supervision hours. Just remember to keep your principal supervisor in the loop!

So, what can you expect from us? You'll get to discover your strengths, figure out what drives you, make smarter career choices, deal with challenges, and we'll even lend a hand in preventing burnout. Pretty sweet deal, right?

Our Career Coaches

Presenting to you the remarkable and diverse team of career coaches who are ready to guide and inspire you on your journey to success. Each of these exceptional professionals brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the table, ensuring that you receive the personalised guidance you deserve


Sharon Sweeney

(Independent Contractor)

Sharon is a highly experienced business psychologist, supervisor, facilitator, and coach with a strong background in organizational psychology. With over 20 years of experience in this field, Sharon is dedicated to cultivating professional, well-rounded, and capable psychologists.

Sharon specializes in assisting individuals, teams, and organizations in enhancing their engagement and performance. She leverages a variety of psychometric and diagnostic tools and surveys to provide valuable insights that enable people and businesses to thrive.

Provisional psychologists benefit greatly from Sharon's wealth of experience. She offers expert coaching to inform their career choices, elevate job satisfaction, leadership skills, and overall performance. Sharon also excels in conducting person and job analysis, preparing comprehensive reports, and developing tailored development plans. Her feedback is objective, empowering, and designed to support personal growth, insight, and development.

Natalie Muloon

(Independent contractor)

Natalie's experience in career coaching focuses on supporting young clients and their families. Her clinical experience encompasses emotional and behavioral regulation, school-related challenges, autism spectrum disorder, and sleep concerns. Natalie utilizes animal-assisted therapy and conducts groups and workshops for children, parents, and schools. She has worked with funding bodies such as Wesley Mission and NDIS in her private practice.

Additionally, Natalie provides neurocognitive assessments to clients and trains allied health professionals in assessing for ASD. Her true passion lies in assisting clients, families, and schools in managing the diverse aspects of ASD. Furthermore, she mentors early career psychologists, helping them enhance their therapeutic toolbox by effectively applying evidence-based tools and interventions in their own clinical practice.

Deena Cooper

(Independent Contractor)

Deena is an endorsed Education and Developmental psychologist with a particular interest in career coaching. Deena has specific knowledge and experience in supporting professionals to avoid burnout, develop a performance mindset, and to utilise their unique skills and talents to not only progress in their career, but also find satisfaction and joy in their work. Her extensive professional background spans child protection, policing, disability, higher education, inclusive education, private practice, and school psychology. She is passionate about supporting development across the lifespan, including infant mental health, child and adolescent development, learning difficulties/inclusive education, life transitions, and career counselling.

In her supervision approach, Deena creates a warm, authentic, and practical environment, enabling supervisees to enhance their confidence and abilities. She provides a safe space for growth, fostering the professional development of those she supervises in the field of career coaching and Masters interviews.

Antanita Chrysostom

 (Independent Contractor)

Antanita is a registered Clinical Psychologist and member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS). With over ten years of experience, she specializes in career coaching and providing mental health support to clients of all age groups. 

Throughout her career, Antanita has worked in various mental health settings, including forensic counseling services, autism-specific organizations, private practices, and tertiary education. She possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in evidence-based therapeutic approaches, which she adapts to suit her clients' unique needs and challenges.

Antanita's approach to career coaching emphasizes reflective practice, incorporating attachment-based and trauma-informed perspectives. She places a strong emphasis on ethical practice and upholding clinical governance, all while prioritizing the humanistic experience of the individuals she supervises.

Renee Wikman

(Independent Contractor

Renee is a seasoned Psychologist and board approved supervisor with over 12 years of experience, bringing experience in guiding and mentoring professionals.

Currently, Renee practices at a private pediatric clinic in Noosa, providing assessment and therapy to children and families facing diverse challenges such as Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, behavioral issues, and sleep difficulties. She has also worked in private practice with individuals of all ages, participated in a family intervention research project at CQUniversity, supported children under the care of Child Safety at Disability Services, and contributed to rehabilitation and injury management.

With a keen interest in nutrition's impact on mental health, Renee's areas of expertise extend to perinatal and women's mental health. Alongside her career coaching focus, she recognizes the vital role nutrition plays in overall well-being.

Courtney Wilton

(Independent Contractor)

Courtney brings over 10 years of diverse experience to her career coaching practice. Her background includes working as a Psychologist in private practice, a Child Therapist for a non-profit organization, and a Guidance Counsellor for a secondary school. She has a strong foundation in child protection and supporting families facing domestic/family violence.

Courtney's experience extends to a range of areas, including anxiety, depression, Complex Trauma, attachment issues, eating disorders, body image, self-esteem, and identity issues that arise during the adolescent journey. She is highly skilled in conducting cognitive assessments such as WISC 5, WAIS, and other behavioral screeners. Additionally, Courtney excels in working with parents and holds training as a Circle of Security Facilitator. With her extensive experience, Courtney is well-equipped to guide individuals on their career journeys.

Group Supervision

We run regular group supervision on a range of topics centered around career growth, organizational psychology and professional development. 

  • Planning and setting yourself up for success 
  • Models of Leadership and the skills required to excel in your career 
  • Group Building thriving teams: The basics of team performance, how to build trust and manage conflict as a team member or leader 
  • Group Workplace Stress: Models of occupational strain and tactics for managing workplace stress
  • Workplace Stress: Models of occupational strain and tactics for managing workplace stress 
  • Reflective Practice: Improving communication and engagement 

Masters Interview Preparation

Now more than ever we are seeing the investment in applications for Masters Higher Education Pathways filled with uncertainty and pressure. In response to a number of requests we are delighted to share that we now offer guidance and interview preparation for those preparing for their Masters Pathway and wanting to ensure that they put their best foot forward in their interviews. Some topics you may want to explore and discuss include;

  • Framing your strengths 
  • Interview question preparation 
  • Unpacking your motivations for undertaking masters 
  • Institution and program research requirements 
  • Financial requirements and what to consider 
  • Unpacking your achievements 

These sessions are delivered by Natalie Muldoon. View her profile and book a session today. 


Professional Development


Provisional Psychologist Hub has developed a workshop series specifically for Aspiring Provisional Psychologists. Designed to explain and breakdown the differing pathways to registration including the internship, overseas qualified and Postgraduate Professional Psychological Qualification Pathway. Board Approved Supervisors Sharon Sweeney and Susie Upton will navigate you through searching, applying for and interviewing for psychological practice roles to help you put your best foot forward and land your first role armed with the knowledge and confidence you need. 

If you are already a Provisional Psychologist you will gain knowledge in building a professional resume, online profile and how best to prepare for interviews when you start to approach general registration because we include it in our Professional Development for Provisional Psychologists subscription.