The Psychology Board of Australia describes supervision as a special type of mentoring relationship in which supportive direction, facilitative activities, and instructive critique is given by the supervisors to assist provisional psychologists to achieve their professional goals.

With our panel of board approved supervisors, we can offer an extensive range of experience. Whether you undertake ongoing  pay as you go supervision, whether you sign up to a month to month membership, or whether you just book supervision for a particular area of focus such as case reports or psychometric assessment, we are here to help.

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You don't need to be a member. Securely store your credit card details so we can charge your supervision as you attend by getting setup here. As a thank you for getting setup we will share a free workshop so you can experience our professional development. Individual supervision is $170 per hour and group supervision is $80 per hour. Once you are setup we will bill you as your sessions occur.

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All in One Memberships

Are you looking for ongoing supervision? Are you looking for a simple way to keep your internship requirements in one place that you can access online? Do you need psychometric resources as part of your internship program? Look no further!

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Add a secondary supervisor to my internship plan!

Already have a principal supervisor meeting the 1:17 ratio of supervision you need for your internship? We have a large number of board approved supervisors ready to support you with secondary supervision on a needs basis. Purchase application consultation so that a secondary supervisor can be added to your internship plan. 

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Principal and Secondary 

If you are undertaking an internship then you will be required to have both a principal and one or more secondary supervisors so its important that you understand their different roles. 

Your principal supervisor should have a strong understanding of the guidelines for your internship program. They will provide oversight and guidance to you throughout your internship program and ensure that you are executing your plan. They should have a general understanding of the work role you are practicing in to compliment the line manager who is overseeing your day to day employment. 

Your secondary supervisor(s) may service multiple purposes; 

  • Access to a supervisor when your principal supervisor is away 
  • A different area of knowledge and experience than your principal supervisor
  • Allow you to meet your supervision ratio with an ongoing regular appointment alongside your principal 
  • A once off session for an urgent case or something requiring a specific focus area 

Secondary supervision is often used to compliment the sessions you have with your principal supervisor.  

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Offsite and Onsite Supervision 

Supervision arrangements can often be provided by the employer and delivered by a board approved supervisor who resides within your workplace. This is referred to as onsite supervision. If your supervision needs are not provided onsite as part of your employment, then you would need to seek offsite supervision arrangements delivered outside of your workplace. Provisional Psychologist Hub provides offsite supervision. 

You may choose to do all of your supervision offsite or onsite, or you may choose to do a mixture of both. The key is to ensure whatever arrangement you make complies with the Psychology Board of Australia Guidelines. It's important to discuss your supervision arrangements with your employer and make sure they are aware of the requirements of the program you are undertaking. The Employer Support page of our website will be a useful tool for this. 

Supervision is required to be delivered at a rate of 1 hour for every 17 hours of practice. Here are some examples of what your supervision arrangement might look like:  

  • Jane works 25 hours per week. She sees her onsite secondary supervisor 1 hour per fortnight and her principal 1 hour weekly offsite. 
  • Jim works 17 hours per week, he sees his principal supervisor offsite 1 hour weekly but checks in with his secondary supervisor onsite when they are available, usually monthly.
  • Jack works 34 hours per week and sees his onsite principal 2 hours per week. He seeks offsite secondary supervision when his principal is away. 
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Group Supervision


Our group supervision sessions cover a range of topics, allowing you to access more affordable supervision options whilst also obtaining valuable support, guidance and information. Group supervision gives you the opportunity to learn from various Board Approved Supervisors and connect with other Provisional Psychologists working in diverse roles. With over 60 topics and 300 sessions every year you don't need to be a member to book, anyone can attend. 

Private group supervision is also available for workplaces. Perhaps you want to run a fortnightly group supervision session with your team. We offer private groups where you can select the topics. All group supervision at Provisional Psychologist Hub is board approved with up to 5 people in each group. 

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Book Individual and Group Supervision

This is the 24 hour supervision booking portal for Provisional Psychologist Hub. You can book your group supervision, individual supervision, cancel appointments and check your upcoming schedule. 

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