Internship Pathways to Full Registration 


General registration is your six-year journey through the world of psychology! First, conquer a PsyBA-approved four-year psychology program. Then, it's decision time: level up with a higher degree or embark on the exciting 5+1 internship challenge, before undertaking the epic national psychology exam! We are here to support you on your jouney! 


The (8) Core Competencies

The eight (8) core competencies include;
• Knowledge of the discipline
• Ethical, legal and professional matters
• Psychological assessment and measurement
• Intervention strategies
• Research and evaluation
• Communication and interpersonal relationships
• Working within a cross-cultural context
• Practice across the lifespan

To become competent in these eight areas The Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) has determined that your internship program must encompass four (4) key learning components to develop your competency. These include:

1. Psychological Practice
2. Board Approved Supervision
3. Professional Development
4. Competency Assessment Tasks and National Psychology Exam

Our Provisional Psychologist Hub Memberships are designed to provide you ease of access to Supervision and Professional Development. The convenience of online access means that the support and knowledge you need for your internship is available wherever you are. Let us know which pathway best fits you.

Guidelines and Policies

The Psychology Board of Australia has developed guidelines and policies to provide guidance to the profession.  <>


Steps to Commencement

Now that you are gaining a better understanding of the pathways available to you have you had a look at our steps to commencement? See how you are travelling! 


4+2 Internship Pathway

Are you a provisional psychologist still on your journey through the 4+2 Internship Program Pathway? Despite the pathway's discontinuation in 2021, we're here to help you successfully reach your goal. Feel free to ask us how! And don't forget, this diagram highlights the crucial numbers to keep in mind along the way!

5+1 Internship Pathway

Have you wrapped up a five-year accredited study, like a Master of Professional Psychology? Are you prepared to kickstart your +1 Internship or engage in an additional working and placement program? This diagram is a great key to the numbers you need to remember.