Pathways and Programs

Journey through the world of psychology! First, conquer a PsyBA-approved four-year psychology program. Then, it's decision time: Jump into a Working in Addition to placement program, level up with a higher degree or embark on the exciting 5+1 internship challenge, before undertaking the epic national psychology exam! We are here to support you on your journey!


Guidelines and Policies

The Psychology Board of Australia has developed guidelines and policies to provide guidance to the profession.  <>


Steps to Commencement

Now that you are gaining a better understanding of the pathways available to you have you had a look at our steps to commencement? 


4+2 Internship Pathway

Are you a provisional psychologist still on your journey through the 4+2 Internship Program Pathway? Despite the pathway's retirement in 2021, we're here to help you successfully reach your goal. Feel free to ask us how! And don't forget, this diagram highlights the crucial numbers to keep in mind along the way!

5+1 Internship Pathway

Are you prepared to kickstart your +1 Internship? This diagram is a great key to the numbers you need to remember. 

Working in Addition to Placement

Are you a provisional psychologist enrolled in an accredited higher degree program, and looking to work as a provisional psychologist while studying? 

Transitional Program

Do you have an overseas qualification approved by PsyBA to get started on a Transitional Program? Below we have listed some important notes to keep in mind about your program.