Group Supervision

Our group supervision sessions cover a range of topics, allowing you to access more affordable supervision options whilst also obtaining valuable support, guidance and information. Group supervision gives you the opportunity to learn from various Board Approved Supervisors and connect with other Provisional Psychologists working in diverse roles. With over 60 topics and 300 sessions every year you don't need to be a member to book, anyone can attend, let's get started!

Setup a Pay as you Go Account

You don't need to be a member. Securely store your credit card details so we can charge your supervision as you attend by getting setup here. As a thank you for getting setup we will share a free workshop so you can experience our professional development. Individual supervision is $170 per hour and group supervision is $80 per hour. Once you are setup we will bill you as your sessions occur.

Get Setup 'Pay as you Go'


There are no additional fees to book group supervision included in your membership. 

Fast Track Silver, 6 hours per annum

Fast Track Gold, 9 hours per annum

Fast Track Platinum, 12 hours per annum

If you are a member then you are ready to get started. Book now!

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Member Group Top Up Package

Do you wish you had more group supervision included in your membership? Do you want to attend a group without changing your individual supervision? 

 Add 5 hours to your group membership entitlements.

When booking your top up groups, let us know so we don't adjust your individual supervision. 

Purchase $350 (save $50)

Book Your Groups

Already have an account? You are ready to book your groups using our supervision booking portal. Pay as you Go groups are $80 (1 hour sessions).

Watch the e-seminar if you need help navigating the portal. Topics, dates and times are listed below.

If you can't find your group on the portal then we are booked out, request to waitlist and we will notify you when a place becomes available. 

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Supervision Booking Portal

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