Provisional Psychologist Hub and NovoPsych, joining forces for provisional psychologists

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We pleased to announce that NovoPsych and Provisional Psychologist Hub are joining forces to empower the next generation of provisional psychologists with increased access to psychological questionnaires. Together, we are extending a complimentary 18-month NovoPsych Pro license to all members of the Provisional Psychologist Hub valued at $450.00! Please join us in extending a warm welcome to NovoPsych as the most recent and valued partner of Provisional Psychologist Hub, and thank them for their generous and welcome offer for our members. 

About NovoPsych 

NovoPsych is Australia’s largest provider of outcome monitoring software for psychologists and other mental health providers. In addition to Australia they operate in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. NovoPsych’s mission is to help mental health services use psychometric science to improve client outcomes.

About Provisional Psychologist Hub 

Provisional Psychologist Hub is one of the leading providers of supervision to provisional psychologists in Australia. They strive to eliminate the obstacles associated with securing supervision, accessing relevant professional development opportunities, and obtaining psychometric assessments, so that every provisional psychologist can thrive and excel in their journey. Provisional Psychologist Hub is committed to creating a nurturing and inclusive environment for the next generation of psychologists. 

What does the NovoPsych Pro Licence Include? 

We are excited to share that the NovoPsych Pro License offers a comprehensive suite of benefits designed to enhance your assessment capabilities. With access to over 100 assessments, instant scoring, and detailed metrics, NovoPsych Pro enables you to efficiently evaluate clients' needs. You can graph symptoms over time, facilitating a deeper understanding of progress and trends; 

  • Access to Over 100 Assessments
  • Instant Scoring and Metrics
  • Graph Symptoms Over Time
  • 150 Assessments Monthly
  • Add up to 500 Clients
  • Instant Scoring and Interpretation: NovoPsych instantly scores your assessments saving you precious time and gives you useful interpretations. Scores are presented as percentile ranks, comparing your clients scores with normative data.
  • Flexibility Across Devices: Use NovoPsych seamlessly on any device - laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Conveniently email assessments directly from your computer to clients’ devices so they can complete the assessment at home, in your office or waiting room.
  • Enhanced Clinical Outcomes: Outcomes measures are clearly graphed over time. Routinely measuring clinical outcomes offers significant benefits, including guiding treatment decisions and helping clients recognise their own improvements.
  • Extensive Assessment Library: Gain access to over 100 psychometric assessments. Each assessment is backed by extensive research, ensuring validity and reliability. This is crucial for your outcome measurement, case conceptualisation, and diagnosis.
  • Scheduled Email Assessments: Reduce client dropout and remotely monitor symptoms by scheduling regular email assessments. Follow-up assessments post-discharge help ensure clients stay on track.
  • Feedback Informed Practice: Gain valuable feedback from clients about their experience of the therapeutic alliance, not only with clients who are continuing therapy but also for those who have dropped out. The ultimate in feedback informed practice. 
  • Increased Assessment Limit: Your NovoPsych Pro account offers a substantial limit of 150 assessments per month and use with up to 500 clients.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Receive personalised support whenever you need it.

How to Access Your 18-Month NovoPsych Pro License
To access this exclusive offer you must be a current Provisional Psychologist Hub Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum member and you must hold current provisional registration. If you are a current member check your inbox for the offer for free sign up. 

If you are interested in becoming a member there has never been a better time, you can view the principal supervision memberships we have available here; you can view everything you need to know about psychometric assessments and Provisional Psychologist Hub here; 

For more information on the terms and conditions, please visit the NovoPsych general terms and conditions page.

We believe this collaboration will be a pivotal step in advancing your professional journey and providing a valuable resource for your developing skills and knowledge. Embrace the power of NovoPsych Pro and let this partnership amplify your impact as a provisional psychologist.

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