Provisional Psychologist Hub and Pearson Clinical Assessment Introduce Groundbreaking Digital Assessment Library for Provisional Psychologists

pearson clinical assessment provisional psychologist provisional psychologist hub psychometric assessment psychometric assessment library Feb 16, 2024

 The Digital Assessment Library for Provisional Psychologists, Bridging the Gap! 

Provisional Psychologist Hub and Pearson Clinical Assessment proudly announce the introduction of a groundbreaking initiative: the Digital Assessment Library for provisional psychologists, tailored exclusively for those undertaking a 4+2 or 5+1 internship program.

This collaborative effort between Provisional Psychologist Hub and Pearson Clinical Assessment is a significant response to a persistent industry challenge; the need for affordable access to psychometric assessment resources for provisional psychologists within a workplace environment, that may not have all the tools needed to achieve competency. The shared vision is to cultivate competent skills and knowledge, shaping the next generation of psychologists with increased expertise in assessment and diagnosis.

"This collaborative achievement, made possible through our partnership with Pearson Clinical Assessment, stands as one of the most significant milestones to date. We recognise that provisional psychologists pursuing registration through internship pathways encounter difficulties accessing psychometric assessment materials to develop competence. Our commitment is to ensure that individuals engaged in internships experience equality comparable to their counterparts achieving registration through higher degree pathways. In acknowledgment of this challenge, our aim is to bridge the gap and offer equitable opportunities to all aspiring psychologists." said Susie Upton, Director of Provisional Psychologist Hub.

"We take great pride in the launch of the Digital Assessment Library for Provisional Psychologists—a testament to years of dedicated work at Provisional Psychologist Hub. Our unwavering commitment to supporting internship programs has paved the way for a seamless experience, enabling provisional psychologists and supervisors to focus on enhancing skills and knowledge. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Pearson Clinical Assessment for joining forces with us to turn this initiative into a reality." said Leza Sullivan, Director of Provisional Psychologist Hub

The Digital Assessment Library equips provisional psychologists with psychometric assessment materials under the supervision of Provisional Psychologist Hub's team of highly experienced Board Approved Supervisors. By providing access to a comprehensive library, the aim is to foster competence and knowledge vital for a skilled workforce within the field of psychology. Historically, provisional psychologists completing their internship program have struggled to navigate the challenge of securing psychometric assessment resources to develop competence. With this library, they can now proactively access stimuli and manuals, enhancing their capabilities and advancing their professional development in this important space.

The selection of resources has been specifically chosen based on the National Psychology Exam Curriculum and the internship program requirements. The online library will provide a remote solution strictly accessible to those under Provisional Psychologist Hub's supervision as part of a pathway to general registration. It contains over $8,000 in manual and stimulus resources relevant to the WAIS-IV A&NZ, WMS-IV A&NZ, WISC-V A&NZ, WRAML 3, WIAT-III A&NZ and many more. 

"Pearson Clinical Assessment is excited to be partnering with Provisional Psychologist Hub to provide our next generation of psychologists with easy access to world class assessments. Our Digital Assessment Library for Provisional Psychologists leads the way in offering a one-stop shop for trainees and we're delighted to provide a solution to bridge the gap for 4+2 and 5+1 interns". - Dr Melissa Stephens, Team Leader A&NZ and Consultant Psychologist, Pearson Clinical Assessment

This announcement signifies the commencement of a promising collaboration between Provisional Psychologist Hub and Pearson Clinical Assessment, with a key emphasis on advancing Psychometric Assessment and nurturing the growth of the next generation of mental health professionals. As ongoing conversations unfold, shared initiatives in training and product development are anticipated. This strategic partnership is poised to contribute significantly to the ongoing advancements in the field of psychology, fostering a lasting and impactful relationship between our organisations.

For more information about this collaboration and upcoming opportunities, please visit our website at 

Media enquiries should be directed to Provisional Psychologist Hub, General Manager of Operations, Erin Collins (03) 9847 7974. 

About Provisional Psychologist Hub

Established in 2018 by Leza Sullivan and Susie Upton, Provisional Psychologist Hub evolved from their sold private psychology practice to offer essential support for emerging psychologists. Originally focused on provisional psychologists, it has since expanded into a national online professional development and supervision resource. In 2022, it broadened its scope to encompass Psychologist Hub and Psychology Supervisor Hub, catering to professionals at every stage of their psychology careers.

 About Pearson Clinical Assessment

With over 125 years of expertise in the assessment field, Pearson Clinical Assessment is a global leader offering innovative products and services tailored to diverse customer needs. Renowned for our commitment to merging innovation with quality test design, we provide effective tools for professionals in various fields, including psychologists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. Partnering with schools and educational professionals worldwide, Pearson Clinical Assessment plays a vital role in enhancing instruction and improving learning outcomes. Operating with over 700 employees globally, our services extend to diverse settings, including schools (preschool, K-12, university) and clinical environments (private practice, hospital/medical, corrections, clinics).


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