Vanessa Allen

(Independent Contractor)

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Vanessa has over 10 years’ experience, working with children, adults, couples and families in a range of areas; including anxiety, depression, crisis/trauma, cancer care, confidence/self-esteem and adjustment difficulties, to assist with improving health and wellbeing.

Vanessa assists parents with developing their parenting skills, including support with the management of social and behavioural difficulties with their children, family counselling and relationship counselling.

She has a background in working with veterans, long term unemployed and disability, employee assistance programs and work rehabilitation. Vanessa also enjoys providing supervision and development opportunities for psychologists, and manages provisional psychologists spanning the entire Country, to gain full registration.

  • Case Report reviewing
  • Psychometric Assessments (DASS-21, K10, WIAT, ABAS, BDI, GAF, WHO-DAS, ORS, PHQ-9, CBCL, WAIS, WISC, WRAML, NEO, PAI)
  • Ethical and Professional Issues
  • Supervising Decisions Relating to Mandatory Reporting
  • Intervention and Treatment
  • Working with/in Schools
  • Working with Adults and Late Adulthood
  • Working with Children (5 - 12 yo), Adolescence (12 - 18 yo) and Late Adolescence (18 - 25 yo)
  • Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Clients
  • Working with Gender Diverse Populations
  • Working with Regional and Remote Communities
  • Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Working with Couples
  • Working with AOD
  • Acute Adult Mental Health Disorders
  • Intervention with Trauma
  • Intervention with Neurodiverse Clients 
  • Diagnosis and Using Psychometric Assessments for Diagnosis
  • Risk Assessment, Self Harm and Suicide
  • Working with Separated Families
  • Perinatal Mental Health, Conception and Pregnancy 
  • Risk Assessment
  • Occupational Rehabilitation