Dr. Sean Dicks

Registrar Program Supervisor (Clinical Psychologist, PsyD)

(Independent Contractor)

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Sean has been a clinical psychologist since 1994, and has experience in a wide range of settings. Having previous experience in the organ donation / transplantation field as a transplant psychologist, Sean arrived in Australia in 2011, and commenced a part-time post as Family Support Coordinator with DonateLife ACT. His role includes providing support tailored to the needs of families who considered organ and tissue donation following the sudden death of a relative. In March 2023 he completed his PhD which explores family bereavement in this unique context. As part of this PhD with publications, 7 articles have been published in international open access journals. These articles have received numerous citations, drawing his work into the field internationally.Ā 

Another position taken up shortly after arrival in Australia was that of Mental Health Clinician at a headspace branch where therapy and support was provided to 12 to 25 year old clients. Seanā€™s involvement with headspace has evolved over the years and currently he has a role as a clinical supervisor with one of the organisations managing headspace centres.Ā 

In mid-2022 Sean responded to an advertisement for a supervisor position with Provisional Psychologist Hub (PPH). In his role with PPH he assists provisional psychologists who are working in a wide range of positions and organisations to navigate the requirements of their internship. He enjoys working with this diversity, and is pleased that the transition from practitioner to supervisor has offered him new challenges and areas of growth.

Nevertheless, Sean continues to enjoy therapeutic interactions, in particular with couples, families, and other systems. To this end, he sees clients at a private practice and assists them to identify and disrupt dysfunctional patterns while creating and reinforcing alternative ways of relating.

Sean has been a board-approved supervisor since 2015 and enjoys contributing to the development of the next generation of psychologists.

  • Case Report Reviewing
  • Ethical, Professional and Legal Matters
  • Supervising Decisions Relating to Mandatory Reporting
  • Intervention and Treatment Planning
  • Working with/in Schools
  • Intervention with Trauma
  • Working with Separated Families
  • Risk Assessment
  • Working with Adolescence (12 - 18 yo) and Early Adulthood (18 - 25 yo)
  • Working with Adult and Late Adulthood
  • Working with Gender Diverse Populations
  • Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Working with Couples

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