Sarah Reid

Board Approved Supervisor (Psychologist)

(Independent Contractor)

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Sarah has been a registered Psychologist for 12 years and has worked for 20 years across a range of populations and services including general mental health, Drug and Alcohol rehab, EAP Psychology, private practice. She also has experience working with CALD client and in regional and remote areas.

Sarah works across the lifespan and is undergoing additional Masters training to seek clinical endorsement. This has afforded opportunity to work in areas of interest such as child and perinatal mental health. Her current role involves working as a Perinatal Psychologist with Indigenous families. Additional areas of interest include eating disorders and body image issues.

Sarah has been a board approved supervisor for 8 years.

  • Case Report Reviewing
  • Ethical, Professional and Legal Matters
  • Supervising Decisions Relating to Mandatory Reporting
  • Intervention and Treatment Planning
  • Working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Clients
  • Intervention with Trauma
  • Risk Assessment
  • Perinatal Mental Health, Conception and Pregnancy
  • Working with Children (5 - 12 yo) and Late Adolescence (18 - 25 yo)
  • Working with AdultĀ 
  • Working with Regional and Remote Communities
  • Working with AOD