Deena Cooper

(Independent Contractor)

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Deena is an endorsed Education and Developmental psychologist whose professional career extends to child protection, policing, disability, higher education, inclusive education, private practice, and school psychology. She an interest in supporting development across the lifespan, including infant mental health, child and adolescent development, learning difficulties/inclusive education, school refusal, peer relationships, life transitions, and career counselling. Deena’s theoretical orientations include Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, and Circle of Security interventions. Deena’s clinical experience includes facilitating parenting interventions, provision of counselling to children, adolescents, and adults, as well as psychometric, academic and behavioural assessments. She has a particular interest in working with populations who have experienced trauma, professional burnout, or work-related PTSD. Deena has a warm, authentic, and practical approach to supervision that provides supervisees with a safe space to grow in their confidence and abilities.

  • Case Report Reviewing
  • Psychometric Assessment (WISC WAIS WIAT)
  • Ethical, Professional and Legal Matters
  • Supervising Decisions Relating to Mandatory Reporting
  • Intervention and Treatment Planning
  • Working with Neurodiverse Clients
  • Working with/in Schools
  • Working with Young Children (0 - 5 yo), Children (5 - 12 yo), Adolescence (12 - 18 yo) and Late Adolescence (18 - 25 yo)
  • Working with Adults
  • Working with Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Clients
  • Working with Regional and Remote Communities
  • Working with Survivors of Domestic Violence
  • Perinatal Mental Health, Conception and Pregnancy
  • Intervention with Trauma
  • Intervention with ASD
  • Diagnosis and Using Psychometrics Assessments for Diagnosis
  • Working with Separated Families 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Occupational Rehabilitation