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Getting Prepared for the Interview!

Congratulations on landing an interview! You’ve stood out from the crowd and you’ve been shortlisted for an interview. So what now? 

Our biggest tip… dress professionally! It’s better to be overdressed and then moderate your attire at a later stage based on the organisations code of conduct and workplace dress code. First impressions count so demonstrate that you take the role seriously.

Equally as important to your first impression is demonstrating that you have researched the company/service/organisation. Knowing what that organisation is about and what role you are interviewing for is imperative.

Prepare questions for your prospective employer. This demonstrates that you have done some research and you are keen and motivated for the role that you are applying for. If you are not 100% clear on the hours required and the expected workload – ask! You may also discover questions after the initial interview that you can ask if you successfully make...

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