What to do when you get a job offer!

Understanding the Application Process

You’ve done it! Congratulations! You’ve landed a job to help you secure your provisional registration. Now what? At this point, there are a few things you need to sort out - and quickly! 

This is when we recommend you contact us at Provisional Psychologist Hub to avoid delays in the application process for provisional registration.

Look at how much supervision is required for your role (e.g. full-time is 2 hours per week, part-time is 1.5 hours) and secure your principal supervisor and secondary supervisors. You may need to source either one or both supervisors externally to your work role if there are no Board Approved Supervisors provided at your employer. We can help you with that at Provisional Psychologist Hub (PPH).

Secondly, complete all paperwork for your application for provisional registration and for your internship program plan. PPH can assist you with navigating the application process and provide you with guidance when completing your;

  • SPPR-76-Internship program plan (4+2 internship)
  • APRO-76-Application for provisional registration
  • INPP-76-Internship program plan (5+1)
  • AWOP-76- Application for working in addition to university placements for provisional psychologists

At the time of completing your application you will need the following items from your employer:

  • a signed position description from your line manager
  • a signed letter from your line manager outlining approval of offsite supervision (we can provide you with a template for this)
  • a name and contact details of an onsite supervisor/line manager that can provide internal workplace feedback (this person does not need to be board approved)

And finally, confirm with your employer the days and times that you can attend supervision. You may be able to do this during work time by staggering start or finish times or you might need to do this outside of work hours depending on the requirements of your employer.

Once your provisional registration is approved through AHPRA you can commence supervision weekly with your principal supervisor and begin your +2 or +1 program. It is vitally important that you don’t commence any role titled “Provisional Psychologist” until you receive your registration approval.  You may be able to start other roles before your approval however you won’t be able to log any of the psychological practice hours towards your internship.

Check out our frequently asked questions section (FAQs) for answers to the myriad question we receive from supervisees beginning their provisional journey.


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