Professional Development during your Psychology internship

Professional Development and your Internship!

Professional development is an important component to the 4+2 and 5+1 internships and in fact, it is integral to the ongoing practice as a psychologist. In an evolving profession, professional development helps psychologists to maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge, gain competence, and develop the qualities expected in their professional practice.

Professional development during internships involves practice-based learning activities focused on achieving the core competencies. At PPH we have designed professional development to specifically promote your development as a provisional psychologist.

We cover topics that we think are essential to practice as a psychologist, and mirror the 8 areas of competency allowing you to also prepare for the National Psychology Exam. For example Ethics, Intervention (working with children and adults), and Assessment. You will be provided with practical resources to complement your training.

Other topics include but are not limited to; working with survivors of domestic violence; working with children at risk of harm (includes how to respond to a disclosure and teach protective behaviours); trauma and children's mental health; and administration and interpretation of assessments (cognitive, memory, personality).

For supervisees who choose to join one of our memberships, our professional development is delivered via email fortnightly allowing you to access it when it fits with your schedule. It minimises the time lost by attending full-day training. It also takes the stress out of finding appropriate professional development as we have designed a program that is designed to support your development as a provisional psychologist. 

Provisional psychologists must complete at least 60 hours (5+1) or 120 hours (4+2) of professional development activities during the internship. Our professional development includes video content, readings, worksheets, and short courses.  To be recognised for the internship, professional development must be approved by the supervisor and recorded in the professional development logbook. 

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