Primary, Secondary and Group Supervision for Psychology Internship.

Board Approved Supervision Requirements

Supervision is an interactive process between a provisional psychologist and a supervisor. It provides the provisional psychologist with a professionally stimulating and supportive opportunity for growth. Supervision of the provisional psychologist’s professional practice during the internship period is completed by Board-Approved Supervisors. 

The purpose of supervision is to guide and provide feedback on the provisional psychologist’s practice and to assess personal, professional and educational development in the context of their experience of providing safe, appropriate and high-quality care to clients. Supervision involves a mentoring relationship in which the supervisor provides supportive direction, facilitative activities, and instructive critique to help provisional psychologists to achieve their professional goals. In particular, the supervisor oversees the provisional psychologist’s application of procedures and tasks to help them achieve the eight core competencies needed for general registration.

Our supervisors have a background in working with children, adolescents, adults and families across a broad range of presenting issues and sectors (private practice, not-for-profit and the private sector). Areas of particular interest include psychometric assessment, counselling with children and families, child protection and working with clients who have experienced trauma (child sexual abuse and other types of harm), eating disorders and treatment for anxiety and depression. Check out the “about us” page for a profile on all our Supervisors who all have a diverse training and work background. 

Principal Supervision and Secondary Supervision

A Principal supervisor means a supervisor who has been approved by the Board to supervise provisional psychologists. The principal supervisor is the main supervisor who has overall responsibility for your internship program, including overseeing of secondary supervisors for the program.

A Secondary supervisor means a psychologist who has been approved by the Board to supervise provisional psychologists. The secondary supervisor may fulfil a component of the supervision in the internship as agreed with the principal supervisor and the provisional psychologist and is responsible to the principal supervisor.

There are 8 core competencies that the Psychology Board of Australia (PsyBA) requires development across all six years of psychology training. In the fifth and sixth years, these skills are extended and applied in a professional practice setting under appropriate supervision. Supervisors have an important role in providing continuous oversight, review and assessment of the provisional psychologist’s progress towards achieving the core competencies. This includes regular formal supervision and progress reviews, and direct observation. It also includes providing evaluative feedback and guidance during the development of case reports.

Group Supervision

Group supervision can be logged towards your overall supervision hours. Provisional psychologists are allowed up to 60 hours (4+2) and 30 hours (5+1) over the course of their internship.

Group supervision is a great way to meet other provisional psychologists on the same pathway as you, whilst allowing you to further develop your skills and knowledge. The Group Supervision at PPH is delivered completely online. Check out the Supervision page to discover our Group Supervision timetable.

We have Individual Supervision available Monday - Saturday both within hours and after hours. If you have restricted availability please email us to determine if we are able to accommodate your availability.


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