Career Coaching and Career Longevity

Career Coaching and Career Longevity

Uncategorized Oct 07, 2021
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Career Coaching and Career Longevity

Have you ever considered booking supervision with a career coach? Provisional Psychologists and Aspiring Provisional Psychologists are undergoing significant development and change at this point of their career pathway and often don't realise that this time is an opportunity to check in with someone experienced in organisational psychology.

Board Approved Supervision during your internship isn't always about your clients, it can often be about you! The contribution you make to your role and if what you are doing is the right thing for you.

We recommend marking some checkpoints in your pathway every 3 to 6 months to stop and assess your progress and reflect on your current status. Book some time with a career coach to help you unpack that reflection and ensure you are making the best choices for you and your pathway.

Taking this time to stop and reflect can often save you years of missed opportunities and doesn't need to take any time out of your internship if you include it as part of your secondary supervision hours.

Career Coaching can assist provisional psychologists to explore your strengths and areas for development to support growth throughout the internship program and within supervision. They will explore your motivations and interests, values and value alignment that are integral to your job satisfaction. Assess whether you are satisfied in your current role and if not, what other areas of practice, study or personal interest might result in a greater overall job satisfaction.

Career coaches can help you make informed decisions around which areas of psychological practice and the types of clients they may be best suited to and why. They will help you understand any risks or hurdles to be aware of and how best to mitigate these risks when it comes to navigating your early career.

Perhaps its time to explore more about yourself and your strengths so that you can stay informed on valuable information that will help develop you as a provisional psychologist and enhance your reflective practice. These sessions will help you apply the knowledge gained about yourself that will ultimately provide you longevity in your career.

For example, gaining the insights into knowing about and acknowledging some of the energy demand that can come with working in psychological practice can assist in forward planning of good self-care, balance and professional boundaries. Applying this knowledge from an early stage in your career is something we have found can be pivotal in career development and the ability to work long term in the field.

We wish everyone the best in their pathway to success and hope that by adding in these valuable checkpoints and qualified advice will increase strength and confidence in your future goals.

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