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Psychology Supervisor Hub (est. 2022) was established to support the growing number of Board Approved Supervisors seeking guidance and support in managing their caseload of principal supervisees using the range of services that Provisional Psychologist Hub (est. 2018) had on offer. No board approved supervisor should be expected to know it all and we have found that a positive experience is made up of exposure to diversity of supervisors, quality professional development and a clearly communicated plan to execute the internship pathway. We can provide the following support to you and your supervisees;  

Application Support
Secondary Supervisors
Professional Development
Supervision for Supervisors

Secondary Supervisors for Supervisees

If you are supervising provisional psychologists, then they will be completing an internship program that requires both a principal supervisor and a secondary supervisor. Secondary supervisors are an asset to principal supervisors in that they provide areas of experience that may not be a strength for you, they provide backup to you when you are on leave and they provide your supervisee with opportunities to learn through a diversity of supervisors with alternate communication styles and perspectives. 

Provisional Psychologist Hub has over 40 Board Approved supervisors, each with their own webpage listing their backgrounds and areas of experience. Our support team can provide recommendations for a complex case or look for ongoing appointments if you are taking extended leave for any reason. You can save your supervisee time searching for a secondary supervisor by referring them to Provisional Psychologist Hub. We provide a letter addressed to PsyBA to add all our supervisors to your supervisee's internship plan, giving them choice of supervisor and availability. Your supervisee can book via our 24 hour booking portal for ease of access. We can be a back up support for your supervisee or maintain a regular appointment to ensure their 1:17 hour supervision ratio stays on track. 

Meet Our Supervisors (PPH)
Supervision Booking Portal
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Group Supervision for Supervisees

Group supervision is a great way for provisional psychologists to catch up on their supervision ratio, gain exposure to other psychological practice contexts and focus on one area of practice with a different supervisor. Provisional Psychologist Hub has over 300 sessions of group supervision every year. We recommend that provisional psychologists attend groups once every 2 months at a minimum, so that they gain access to peers outside their workplace and open their perspective through peer consultation.

During a time when maximising your capacity as a supervisor is so important, having these groups scheduled allows you to use these times to complete administrative tasks, recorded observations or indirect supervision while still keeping your week to week caseload full rather than blocking out a regular time slot for these things. You may even like to book a regular group with Provisional Psychologist Hub specifically for your supervisees on a regular basis for a subject like psychometric assessment, case reports, National Psychology Exam or working with children. We have included a link to information on private group sessions or contact our team to discuss. 

Group Supervision (PPH)
Private Group Supervision

Supervision for Supervisors 

Have you considered peer consultation with another board approved supervisor? There are so many different ways to supervise, we believe it is beneficial to share techniques and see if there might be approaches that will improve your way of doing things. We find those people who take the time to step back and be open to seeking guidance reap a whole host of benefits including but not limited to; 

  • Improved communication with supervisees 
  • Increased supervision capacity 
  • Removal of unforeseen barriers 
  • Upskilling in managing underperforming provisional psychologists 
  • Adjusted perspective 
  • Increased resources 
  • Improved time management 
  • Reduced stress 

Leza Sullivan

(Owner/ Co-Director) 

Leza has over 18 years of experience working with children, adolescents, parents, families, and adults across the private, non-profit and government sectors. Having undertaken roles as Team Leader, Practice Supervisor, Therapeutic Service Manager and National Operations Manager, in addition to co-owning and operating a Group Private Practice for 8 years before establishing the Provisional Psychologist Hub, Leza has overseen a team of allied health professionals, including counsellors, provisional psychologists, and psychologists. Leza has a strong interest in clinical governance and process to support the efficient and ethical operation of clinical practices. 

Susie Upton

(Owner/ Co-Director) 

Susie has practiced within the private, public and the non-for-profit sectors working with predominately children and adolescent providing counselling intervention. Having undertaken roles as Practice Supervisor, Services Manager and Director Susie has overseen counsellors, social workers, provisional psychologists and psychologists. Susie has been a Board Approved Supervisor for 10 years and provides supervision to the team of 40 Provisional Psychologist Hub supervvisors.

Nicola Mitchell


Nicola has 17 years experience as a Psychologist and over 10 years as a Board Approved Supervisor. Nicola has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, hospital settings including inpatient mental health, occupational health and rehabilitation, disability including NDIS, clinical governance, employment services, and corrections. 

Supervision for Supervisors $230 per hour
Guidelines for Supervisors

Application Support for Supervisees

When taking on a provisional psychologist for principal supervision, there is an immense amount of paperwork involved particularly in the initial stages leading up to approval by PsyBA. Provisional Psychologist Hub has worked to reduce this burden significantly by providing a suite of professional development to guide each individual remotely at their own pace during the initial application stage. We have included a link to both the professional development on its own and the application consultation which includes access to secondary supervisor. Feel free to share these links with your supervisees. You can request your principal supervisees access these services to improve their application to PsyBA and reduce your time spent on this process. 


Application Consultation (internship)

This purchase will include 2 reviews of your application in addition to our professional development 'Navigating the Psychology Board of Australia: Application Forms and Submission Process.' This is suitable for purchase if you are; 

  • undertaking a change of role for an internship OR applying for an internship for the first time OR undertaking a change of principal 
  • This purchase includes assignment of a secondary supervisor
Purchase Now $295.00

Professional Development (no application consultation required) 

Purchase this if you are planning to undertake your supervision outside of Provisional Psychologist Hub and do not require us to review or formally sign your application. This purchase will provide you with 12 months access to our professional development 'Navigating the Psychology Board of Australia: Application Forms and Submission Process.' 

Purchase Now $59.00

Professional Development for Supervisees

Our Provisional Psychologist Hub website has been designed around the needs of our provisional psychologists. We are excited to invite all principal supervisors to use the information we have gathered to support their supervisees. Encourage your supervisees to explore some of the information, support and services we have outlined below. 

Feel free to share page links to our Provisional Psychologist Hub webpages to help answer tricky questions your supervisees ask. We are here to help and ensure that the next generation of psychologists are the best that they can be. 


Work with Provisional Psychologist Hub 

Provisional Psychologist Hub provides structure, support and guidance to supervisees to develop their knowledge, skills and confidence in professional and ethical practice. We see our service play an integral role in the workforce development of clinically skilled provisional psychologists. Our mission is to provide professional development and supervision that will elevate the quality assurance of mental health and evidence based psychological services nationally. Part of this vision involves recruiting board approved supervisors who share our mission, vision and values and are passionate to provide supervision that shapes the next generation of mental health professionals. We invite you to review the role of a board approved supervisor with Provisional Psychologist Hub and if you think you are the right fit to join our team, apply now. 

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