Introduction to Psychological Practice 3 Workshop Bundle

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  • Three Webinars
  • Relevant Readings 

This 3 workshop bundle is delivered by Board Approved Supervisor and Psychologist Susie Upton. 

Are you preparing for your first session as a provisional psychologist? Are you undertaking case formulation and treatment planning for the first time? Learn from Director Susie Upton in this 3 part series on initial semi structured interview, case formulation and treatment planning. 

 1. Initial Semi Structured Interview Workshop
(1 hour and 30 minutes including readings)

Conducting your first session with a client can be daunting for even a high performing student. In this e-seminar, you will learn about conducting effective semi-structured initial interviews. We provide useful tips to assist you in building a strong therapeutic alliance with your adult and child clients while collecting necessary psychosocial information required for you to assess and formulate their presenting issues.

2. Case Formulation Workshop
(1 hour including readings)

A case formulation is the hypothesis you will develop about the causes, and continuing influences of your client's psychological, interpersonal, and behavioural problems. An overview is provided about the theoretical underpinnings of case formulation including the different approaches. We discuss how to collaboratively conceptualise clients presenting issues in practice and use your formulation to guide treatment planning.

3. Treatment Planning Workshop
(1 hour including readings) 

In this professional development we discuss issues pertaining to treatment planning. The facilitator will provide an overview of key ethical considerations for treatment planning as well as ideas for incorporating diagnostic assessments and symptom screening, to assist in informing the selection and delivery of evidence-based therapies. You will receive examples of session structure, treatment termination and relapse planning.


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This workshop will provide an an introduction to EMDR and TFCBT from Clinical Psychologist Laura Fildes. Laura discusses conceptualising treatment for clients while delving into the challenges that come with motivating clients to engage in an extremely rewarding therapy. Following Laura’s extensive work with emergency responders this workshop provides unique insight about an area of practice for which she is most passionate.