Department of Communities and Justice

May 16, 2024

"Psychological and Specialist services (P&SS) is an internal clinical service providing evidence-based interventions, training, consultation and assessment to the child protection and out of home care sector.

As a part of P&SS, there are 4 LINKS Trauma Healing services that provide multidisciplinary support to children and their close networks in the context of complex mental health and trauma related presentations.

P&SS provide extensive supervision and supports to their staff and ongoing training and development focussed on trauma interventions, evidence- based group programs, specialist supervision and supportive management structures.

In addition, P&SS provide an internship program for Provisional Psychologists seeking general registration and those completing a registrar program. The internship program includes supervision, training, webinars, skills workshops and peer networks to ensure extensive development in the psychology field.

P&SS conduct a conference each year in addition to other professional development opportunities and is also supportive of further education and research. P&SS employ other clinicians including OT and Speech therapy and are also leaders in supporting culturally responsive practice.

DCJ is a employer that provides flexible work arrangements including flex leave, a 35-hour week, work from home opportunities and flexible work hours. P&SS is passionate about the work we do in the field of child and adolescent trauma, carer and family interventions, group training and innovative and evidence-based intervention practice. "

 Vacancy Location: NSW Statewide

Vacancy Suited to: Fully Registered Psychologists, Provisional Psychologists, New Graduates

Link to Vacancy: Click here

For enquiries: [email protected]  Mob:0436602219

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