Swap Your Individual Supervision (5 hours)

Are you loving all of our group supervision topics? Are you looking to customise your membership to have more group supervision and less individual supervision? This offer allows you to have 5 hours of your individual supervision changed to 5 hours of group supervision. Once you purchase, our support team will adjust your entitlements to reflect the purchase. Remember that you need to have accrued 5 hours of individual supervision before you make this purchase. If you aren't sure of how many hours of individual supervision you have accrued so far, reach out to our support team. 

Completing this offer confirms that you understand that you are reducing your membership entitlements by 5 hours of individual supervision, in order to gain an additional 5 hours of group supervision. There is no fee for this change and there is no rebate for the difference in fees between group supervision and individual supervision once this change is made. 

By completing this offer you confirm that you have a current and valid membership with Provisional Psychologist Hub, this offer is not open to professional development only memberships. All purchases made must be done so in line with the Supervisee Handbook and Services Agreement available at the bottom of this page. 
Am I the right person to purchase this product? 

This purchase is suitable for Fast Track Silver, Gold and Platinum Members who have an active membership and individual supervision in credit. When swapping individual supervision for group supervision please be cautious that you are not exceeding any maximum limits for group supervision for your program guidelines and that you are receiving sufficient individual supervision for oversight of your program. Planning for group supervision should be discussed and agreed to by your principal supervisor. 

How long will I have access? 

You will have access to supervision entitlements for as long as your membership subscription remains active in line with the Provisional Psychologist Hub service agreement. 

 Cancellation Policy

This purchase is non refundable. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to provide professional development and supervision that will elevate the quality assurance of mental health and evidence based psychological services nationally. We encourage all those purchasing to ensure that the services being purchased are right for you before you process payment. To see our full terms and conditions please review the service agreement available at the bottom of this page. 


All purchases are subject to our terms of use policy, intellectual property, privacy and services agreement. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this page. 

Purchasing this offer confirms that you understand that you are reducing your membership entitlements by 5 hours of group supervision, in order to gain an additional 5 hours of individual supervision. The fee charged represents the difference in costs between these two options. 


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