Stand Alone Workshops

Provisional Psychologist Hub offers an extensive range of Professional Development designed specifically for Provisional Psychologists entering Psychological Practice for the first time or those looking to refresh their skills and knowledge and meet their professional development requirements. 

With over 100 professional development workshops we have a range of subscriptions and stand alone workshops available to suit everyone. This page outlines all of our stand alone workshops and Mini Series Workshops available for you to purchase and complete now. If you enjoy these workshops don't forget we have subscriptions available so you can receive a new workshop every 2 weeks. 

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Cognitive Assessment

Board Approved Supervisor Katie Veretennikoff throughout this five-part series will explore issues pertaining to cognitive assessments. Katie provides a comprehensive introduction to five major components of cognitive testing, including purpose and preparation of cognitive assessments, administering cognitive assessments, gathering qualitative observations and what to do when testing errors occur.

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 E-Seminar + E-Handbook: Case Reports

Learn about the case reports you are required to do as part of your internship. Comprehensively explore each section of the assessment and intervention case reports.

This workshop includes a 25-page e-Handbook to accompany this e-seminar which provides detailed information about the criteria for each case report and completed examples.

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Case Reports

This eHandbook is designed as a guide to assist in the completion of your own individual case reports. It will help you choose the right clients for your case reports, understand the case report criteria and where to get started.

This 25-page e-Handbook provides detailed information about the criteria for each case report and completed examples.

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 Suicidal Behaviour in Clients: Management and Prevention

Jacinta Hawgood will lead the learner through a 5 part series on the phenomenon of suicide and suicide intent behaviour exploring key concepts, myths and facts before discussing a range of lived experiences. Jacinta will highlight the importance of safety issues and how to be conscious of the language we use that can be stigmatising providing language opportunities that are appropriate to the mental health sector and positive for the client. Jacinta will explore clinician fears and anxieties and how to be both prepared and manage your self-care.

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Professional Development for Aspiring Provisional Psychologists

This 5 part series is the perfect professional development to complete prior to starting your first job as a provisional psychologist to give you a head start. Explore everything you need to know for your pathway to registration. 

  • Choose the right pathway
  • Prepare a quality job application 
  • Interview confidently 
  • Structure your first client session
  • Prepare your first case formulation and;
  • Plan for treatment 
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 Treatment Planning


In this professional development e-seminar we discuss issues pertaining to treatment planning. The workshop will commence with an overview of key ethical considerations for treatment planning as well as ideas for incorporating diagnostic assessments and symptom screening, to assist in informing the selection and delivery of evidence-based therapies.

Finally, You will receive examples of how to structure your sessions and how to plan for treatment termination and relapse prevention.

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Case Formulation

 A case formulation is the hypothesis you will develop about the causes, and continuing influences of your client's psychological, interpersonal, and behavioral problems. It can also be referred to as clinical formulation or problem formulation and is the next step once you have gathered sufficient information from your client.

In this e-seminar we explore the primary components of case formulation. An overview is provided about the theoretical underpinnings of case formulation including the different approaches. We discuss how to collaboratively conceptualise clients presenting issues in practice and use your formulation to guide treatment planning. Case study examples are provided as part of the inclusions for this workshop.

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Initial Semi Structured Interview

Conducting your first session with a client can be daunting for even a high performing student. In this e-seminar, you will learn about conducting effective semi-structured initial interviews. We provide useful tips to assist you in building a strong therapeutic alliance with your adult and child clients while collecting necessary psychosocial information required for you to assess and formulate their presenting issues. You will receive templates to assist you develop your own intake processes.

This workshop is the first step you will take to prepare for your first work role in psychological practice and will build your confidence before you attend your first interview.

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Preparing for Psychological Practice


This 3 part series commences by helping you identify where to look for the right roles and what those roles should include. We will explore the role requirements in the differing pathways to registration so you are informed on what to look for and most importantly, why! 

Once you know what to look for it is important to ensure that your application and online profile give you the best chance of success. We will discuss the important considerations, how to leverage your experience, how to gain experience, along with a range of hints and tips to get your application stand out. 

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Pathways to Registration

There are multiple pathways to registration and it's important to take the time to decide on your pathway before commencing study. We have taken the time to outline the varying pathways to registration and some important considerations you should take before commencing. This series of webinars and audio recordings will breakdown the complexities and thoroughly explore the eligibility criteria, resources required, supervisor based assessments and the steps you need to take to get started.

  • Internship Pathways
  • Postgraduate Professional Psychological Qualification Pathway 
  • Other: Recommended pathway to registration in Australia for Overseas Qualified Psychologists 
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Working with Children at Risk of Harm

This 3-part series explores working with children at risk of harm. Specifically the workshops will focus on responding to disclosures, identifying problem sexual behaviours and teaching protective behaviours.  

These workshops are aimed to increase your knowledge and understanding of best-practice clinical intervention, recent empirical evidence as well as the ethical and legal guidelines pertinent to working with children who are at risk of harm. Thee workshops will navigate the difficult balance between upholding our ethical, legal and therapeutic obligations in these contexts. 

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Professional Development for Provisional Psychologists

Access 120 hours professional development specifically designed with provisional psychologists in mind. It includes webinars, quizzes, self reflection and downloadable resources. The workshops are designed to grow with you as you grow in your role. 

You complete e-seminars in the order of your choice, at your pace. Develop your knowledge as you grow in your role while being able to complete and revise workshops as you need them. A full list of workshops is available here; 

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Six Session Treatment Series: Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Depression 

In this 3 part series we will explore clients presenting with anxiety, substance abuse and depression. We will provide an overview of each treatment session beginning with tips on how to tailor the initial assessment followed by a step by step guide on how to deliver evidence-based intervention to address therapeutic and client treatment goals. 

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Mental Health Disorders and Cognition


This workshop is designed to navigate the impact of mental health disorders on cognition including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD and Schizophrenia. The facilitator will discuss what considerations should be undertaken when making decisions around to test or not to test. 

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Case Notes and Agenda Setting

In this 2 part e-seminar we provide tips for how to set collaborative agendas with clients along with guidance and information on case noting practices. We explore the application research, APS code of ethics and guidelines for this area of practice while learning how to set agendas successfully and how to manage challenges to this practice. The workshop will summarise how to structure your case notes and how to select relevant information to include when doing so. 

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